With over 14,000 employees working in the downtown area, offices here hum with creativity. This is the most dynamic part of the city. All of Tucson�s most important federal, state, county and city government offices are located in this vicinity. Many of Tucson�s leading law firms and consulting businesses can be found in downtown. Many retail businesses are reestablishing this part of our community as a popular destination for concerts, movies, cultural events, fine dining and fine arts to taco stands and fun retail shopping for clothing, apparel and many other unique and attractive items. Retail and office space downtown is reasonably priced and provides easy access to pedestrian traffic. Our properties have ample parking and are usually no more than a 5-10 minute walk to or from our city�s center. We�re right across the street from the Tucson Convention Center.

When you consider leasing an office from Barrio Viejo Properties, you will be offered a wide range of reasonably priced options in different sizes and configurations. Our commercial office spaces accommodate needs of 500- 4000 sq. ft. The residential spaces run from 500- 1200 sq. ft. Many of the buildings� territorial heritage can be experienced inside as well as out. Some even have the original beams, mesquite lintels or sahuaro rib ceilings.

Most offices provide off-street parking. While the neighborhood is a historic district, our office interiors are completely modern and have been meticulously upgraded and maintained. We have constructed some new buildings that reflect the historic character of Barrio Viejo. We are proud of our commitment to Barrio Viejo for over 40 years and have pride in our historic preservation and restoration projects. The office of Barrio Viejo Properties is located here in the neighborhood and our staff is able to provide responsive on-site assistance.

Join our special group of long-term tenants who call Barrio Viejo home. Dating from the late-1800s, these historic streetscapes can make every day a celebration of our community.