Our Properties in Barrio Viejo

Our businessís commitment to this pioneer Tucson neighborhood has been spearheaded by Kelley Rollings and his family for more than four decades. When Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup presented the "Heart of Downtown Award" to the Rollings family recognizing their exceptional contributions, he said "The Rollings family has played a major role in preserving what's unique about our Downtown." Thanks to their passion for historic architecture, many irreplaceable structures in Barrio Viejo have been beautifully restored and preserved for future generations to learn from and enjoy."

In 1971, Kelley Rollings and his wife, Sally, began investing in adobe buildings in Barrio Viejo- many dating from the 1860s and most were threatened by neglect. Today, Arizona Territorial Lands LLC and Bacon Industries, Inc., own more than 30 properties in Barrio Viejo. Each was restored as much as possible to its original appearance, in many cases using salvaged materials, to achieve the highest degree of authenticity.Our properties in Barrio Viejo attract both commercial and residential tenants and our preservation and renewal project has helped breathe new life into this historic location.

The Rollings family continues the commitment to restore this unique neighborhood and its historic structures. Donald Rollings said, "It is encouraging to know that our community values the preservation of the city's historical architecture and rich cultural heritage. The outcome of present-day efforts to mix preservation and revitalization projects in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tucson will impact the quality of life in our larger community."

Celebrating Community

To assure that "good spirits" would always be a part of Barrio Viejo, the Rollings family opened the Cushing Street Bar & Restaurant in 1972. Itís directly across the street from the south side of the Tucson Convention Center. This casual, but elegant, gathering spot has become a Tucson landmark, known for its delicious food, great cocktails and- last, but not least- service. Cushing Street has that unique quality- class without being classy- that makes it a favorite destination for visitors and locals alike, whether they are just going out for dinner or to one of the many events across the street. Cushing Street Bar & Restaurant also features comfortable garden patio dining in a very charming courtyard setting reminiscent of old Mexico. The buildingís interior decoration is simply beautiful.

One will discover understated elegance all through the buildings on our properties and we are proud to contribute to our community by making this kind of investment in its heritage.