Barrio Viejo is a great place to work and it's also a great place to live. One of Tucson's oldest historic neighborhoods, Barrio Viejo has many attractive, renovated homes and offices. The buildings' architecture reflects the territiorial heritage of adobe and brick. Easy parking, bike routes and public transport all make Barrio Viejo an accessible, vibrant commercial and residential center for families and businesses.

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Barrio Viejo
Arizona Court of Appeals, Division 2
400 West Congress Street
Arizona Superior Court in Pima County
110 West Congress Street
Pima County Court Administration
110 West Congress Street
Pima County Justice Court (10-11, Small Claims Court)
110 South Church Avenue
Pima County Justice Court (1-9)
115 North Church Avenue
Pima County Law Library
110 West Congress Street
Pima County Legal Services Building
32 North Stone Avenue
Pima County Office of Court
130 West Congress Street
Pima County Public Library
101 North Stone Avenue
Pima County Public Works Department
201 North Stone Avenue
Pima County Traffic Court
115 North Church Avenue
Tucson City Court Administration
103 East Alameda Street
Tucson City Hall
255 West Alameda Street
Tucson Fire Department
300 South Fire Central Pl
Tucson Police Department
270 South Stone Avenue
US Govt Bankruptcy Court
110 South Church Avenue
US Govt District Court
Evo A DeConcini
405 West Congress Street
US Govt immigration Court
160 North Stone Avenue
US Govt Post Office
141 South 6th Avenue
Barrio Grill
135 South Sixth Avenue
Bruegger's Bagel Bakery
1 West Congress
Café Milano
46 West Congress
Café Poca Cosa
110 East Pennington
Casa Vicente
375 South Stone Ave
Cup Café
311 East Congress
The Coronet
198 West Cushing Street
El Charro Café
311 North Court Ave
Enoteca Pizzeria Wine Bar
58 West Congress St
Little Café Poca Cosa
151 North Stone Ave
Maynard's Kitchen
400 North Toole Ave
The Grill
100 East Congress
Congress Hotel
311 East Congress
Museum of Contemporary Art
191 East Toole Avenue
Fox Theatre
17 West Congress
Rialto Theatre
318 East Congress
Temple of Music & Art/Temple Gallery
330 South Scott Avenue
Tucson Children's Museum
200 South Sixth Avenue
Tucson Convention Center
260 South Church Avenue
Tucson Museum of Art
140 North Main Avenue